new pulp city
Photo by Donny Levit / New Pulp City
The Pulp has expanded its boundaries. And we’re happy to welcome you to join us.

Beginning today, New Pulp City will provide us an opportunity to cover arts, culture, food, news, and metro ephemera throughout all of New York City as well as metro New Jersey.

It’s a huge, dynamic slice of coverage.

Until now, our site was known as Brooklyn Pulp. The idea for pulp began in Brooklyn, and we’ll continue to give the borough the attention it deserves. However, our site now becomes a central point for coverage throughout all of New York City as well as across the Hudson River into the rich culture of nearby New Jersey.

While New Pulp City will begin functioning as a new site, rest assured that every article from Brooklyn Pulp has already been migrated over here. You won’t lose any of the Brooklyn Pulp’s archives.

Be sure to follow us at the New Pulp City Facebook page as well as the New Pulp City twitter feed.

We want to thank the array of people around Brooklyn who have already gotten behind us. And we’re looking forward to getting to know a lot more of you.

One thing doesn’t change: We’ll continue to support the community at all times. And we’ll challenge those who need to be challenged.

Email editor Donny Levit at for any and all.

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