prawn shop closure
Prawn Shop closed after being in business for under a year. (Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp)

It’s no surprise to hear of an independent restaurant closing far too soon, however, some cause more disappointment than others. Let it be known that Park Slope lost a good one recently, as Prawn Shop has officially shuttered. Gone are the prawn boils, happy hour oysters, and grilled porgy.

The gem of a seafood restaurant, which was located at 669 Union Street near 4th Avenue,  made no formal announcement of its closure. I wrote about its balance of sophistication and down-home quality in February 2016 when they were still in soft opening mode. And I personally sent both family and friends over to enjoy a meal.

Co-owners Alison McNamara and Evan Franca have not responded to requests concerning the reason for closure. Franca co-owns Wang’s Fried Chicken right next door at 671 Union Street, which is still doing a brisk business. He also owns both locations of Brooklyn Crepe & Juice.

prawn shop closure
Prawn Shop served up a mean Prawn Boil with charred herb bread and potatoes. (Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp)

We recrently spoke with Kimberly Plafke, who was chef at Prawn Shop when it originally opened. Plafke came to the seafood restaurant with a strong pedigree, having worked previously at Cannibal, Resto, and Fishtail.

She told us that she chose not to renew her contract, which expired in October 2016. “I decided not to sign again, for no other reason other than I’m a meat chef at heart,” the chef said.

Plafke says she’s working on a new project, which she’ll be announcing in the near future.

prawn shop closure
Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp

The Union Street space has had frequent comings and goings without one particular eatery being able to stick for long. The taqueria Taco Santo shuttered in September 2015 after a year’s time. The place was owned by Jacques Gautier of nearby gem Palo Santo. Before that, BBQ joint Fort Reno shut down late 2013.

669 Union may not be empty for long. New owners have applied for a liquor license, as per the note posted on the venue’s window.

The Park Slope/Gowanus neighborhoods are certainly not lacking for restaurants, however, Prawn Shop was a standalone seafood eatery of note.

They will be missed.


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