200 5th Avenue
Firefighters on the scene at 198-200 5th Avenue on the morning of February 27, 2017. (Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp)

The FDNY rushed to 5th Avenue between Union and Sackett Streets to prevent alarming damage to a building at 198 5th Avenue.

According to an FDNY spokesperson, firefighters arrived at the scene at approximately 8:55am after a crack was discovered in the building’s structure.

One firefighter was in a crane rising towards the top of the building, which houses part of 200 5th, a restaurant and sports bar. The main entrance to the restaurant has been blocked off and firefighters and police are preventing pedestrians from walking on the western side of the 5th Avenue block.

200 5th Avenue
Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp

“Don’t go anywhere near there,” a firefighter told Brooklyn Pulp, who was on scene for the incident. “That building could collapse.”

The Department of Buildings record has already been updated with this morning’s incident and states: “Building Shaking/Vibrating/Struct[ural] stability affected.”

In addition, the record notes that the FDNY has “requested a structural stability inspection due to a piece of parapet hanging.”

200 5th Avenue
Photo by Donny Levit / Brooklyn Pulp

Firefighters and trucks departed the scene at approximated 9:35am, however, police remain at the cordoned-off area in front of the bar.

The regular opening for 200 5th is at 4pm on Mondays, although it is unclear at the moment as to whether or not it will be open later today.

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