couch out window
Image via @jgrebes / twitter
Many of you are thinking it.
Some of you are saying it.
So let’s help you out with it.

Naysayers of February 14 would prefer Cupid’s arrow to kiss their ass rather than hit their heart. Not everyone has a Valentine’s date and even the happiest couples sometimes shun the obligatory flowers, chocolate, Hallmark cards, and making nice-nice.

So what’s more satisfying than watching a couch get thrown out the window?

Feast your eyes on this satisfying video of just that, which was beautifully heaved out the second-floor window of a Crown Heights brownstone:

The perfect strike was thrown during a film shoot which took place at Park Place between Nostrand and New York Avenues, first reported by DNAinfo.

“The crew was talking on radios and loudspeakers, making sure the area was clear and secure and ready to film. Then, finally, they shouted ‘fire in the hole!’” bystander James Grebey said.

A spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office of Film and Television said the production was for a commercial for QuikTrip, a convenience store chain.

In the video, you can hear a voice say, “That shit cleared, boys.”

Even though Valentine’s Day can be frustrating to some, please don’t heave anything out the window without a permit.

Cupid may come back to sting you.

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